Enjoy Vector Solar

For as little as $50* per month

Solar is just one of the ways we're working to help customers manage their home's energy so they can take control of their energy use.

We've just reduced our pricing to make it even easier to have solar power in your home. With a range of flexible finance options, you could pay just $50/month for a Vector Solar system, with a deposit of $2,495.*

We make it easy to get solar in your home

  • Flexible finance options, allowing you to either buy, lease to own, or buy the panels and rent the rest of the system
  • Our online tool that recommends a solar system for your home
  • Standard installation complete in approximately five hours

We make it easy to get the most out of your solar system

With every Vector Solar system, you can go online to easily view:

  • How much power you're generating
  • The amount of power your home's using
  • How much you're automatically selling back to the grid

Don't let the sun set on this offer

To find the Vector Solar system that's right for your home use our solar calculator

*based on 2kW system that you lease to own over a 10 year period.